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March 25, 2015
Turn the conversation around

Kris Rieger from Merck began the meeting by reinforcing that the PMCQ is trying to transform itself into the premier partner for education, career development and networking. He also announced that the PMCQ would soon be launching a new website, so stay tuned! Kris said that it would be interesting to know what pharmaceutical companies are doing beyond their commercial interests to contribute to the greater good of society.

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February 17, 2015
Alternative promotional models in pharma: do you have the right one?

The traditional sales rep model faces a myriad of challenges due to regulations and barriers imposed by physician associations, or institutions. Alternative promotional models have been developed to overcome these barriers and to be more cost-effective. This month’s meeting showcased an expert panel who shared how alternative promotional models can achieve success by breaking out of the mold.

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January 28, 2015
Engage patients and profits will follow

Shannon Quinn from Sanofi was the moderator for this first meeting of 2015 which was focused on patients. She pointed out that what matters to pharma is not necessarily what matters to patients. The speakers of the evening would be addressing how to bridge this gap and how to find ways to “do the right thing” for patients while enjoying financial success.

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November 18, 2014
Move your career forward!

This evening was the PMCQ’s one and only event on career management and proved to be an extremely energetic and motivating meeting. Cynthia Queano, the PMCQ president, kicked the meeting off by reinforcing the PMCQ’s commitment to helping its members enhance their competitive profile in today’s pharma environment.

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October 21, 2014
Can you do that?
Overcoming hurdles in a digital world

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – do these have a place in the pharma world? This month’s meeting addressed how they do and how they can be utilized to our best advantage. Daniel Arsenault was the meeting’s moderator and he began the evening by showing some consumer study data which demonstrated how social media has changed consumer’s buying habits. Consumers now have open relationships with brands and they’re constantly reconsidering and reassessing them.

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September 23, 2014
This year’s PMCQ season packs a punch!

The first meeting of the 2014-2015 PMCQ season deviated from the formal, sit-down meal format. Instead, the attendees experienced a stand up cocktail networking event combined with an energetic, short and sharp, thought-provoking talk by Justin Kingsley. Cynthia Queano, the president of the PMCQ, opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and introducing Justin Kingsley. Justin is a writer, publisher, former press secretary, strategist and creative director, just to name a few of his many achievements. Most recently, he co-authored a New York Times bestseller “The Way of the Fight”, an autobiography of Georges St. Pierre (GSP), an Ultimate Fighting Championship world champion.

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May 13, 2014
To Fund or Not to Fund: A Question of Ethics
Perspective of Payers, Patients and Pharma

At this last meeting of the season, we were privileged by having Dr Margaret Somerville as the moderator of a panel of speakers. Dr Somerville is an expert in the field of ethics and is the Founding Director of the Centre of Medicine, Ethics and Law at McGill. She began the meeting by saying that sometimes one must choose between competing harms, termed a “world of competing sorrows”, and that this is often the case in healthcare. Each speaker was given the floor to make an opening statement about their perspective on the single most important criterion in making funding decisions.

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April 23, 2014
How to navigate the changing HCP landscape:
Addressing HCP needs in promotion, education, and information

This evening’s moderator was Kyle Steiger, Primary Care Franchise Vice President at Novartis and the expert panel speaking included Christian Roy, Executive Vice President of Health at Tank, Michèle Gagnon, Director of Education and Strategy at liV and Jean Burgess, National Hospital Sales Director at Sanofi.

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March 25, 2014
Is Digital and Social Media “the Fix” for Your Marketing Mix?
The evolution from tactic to strategy in the Canadian pharmaceutical industry

This month’s meeting drew a full crowd due to its popular topic of interest. Three different speakers provided their thoughts on digital marketing.

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February 18, 2014
Influencing with Integrity: Intention vs. Impact

This evening’s engaging presentation was given by Stephen McGarvey, the founder and managing partner of Solutions in Mind and a world-leading authority on unconscious communication, persuasion, and influence. He has assisted corporations and audiences around the world in solving difficult communications problems.

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